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SDG Week 1 - What is innovation

This week the students began brainstorming what innovation is. They then considered the advantages and disadvantages of innovations in technology and began to think what life in 2030 would be like.

Tackling Hunger

Some students have formulated strategies in reducing world hunger.

Defeating global undeducation

This presentation from one of my groups was voted the best by the class. It involves challenging the problems facing global education and how to get everybody educated by 2030. This will involveĀ everyone having access the internet.


Meeting some ambassadors

Michael Harvey


I'm a kiwi science teacher based in Nanjing, China. I'm teaching science to 12 to 18 year olds at a private British international school. This year I am including SDGs in my year 6 science curriculum as this is directly going to affect my learners. We are excited to create innovative solutions to global problems now!

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School: The British School of Nanjing