Our Projects

What does the word innovation means for us.

First session. Introduction.

Discussing the topic of innovation. 

What does it mean for us, 10 years old young people,.

What are the most important innovations in our life?

Discussion lesson: What are the most important innovations in our life?

Comperison: grade 5 and grade 8 

language : Englihs and Hungarian

What innovation do you plan in your local town?

Talking about our town

Discussing new ideas: what new things should be planned and where?


Discussing innovations on skype

Skype meeting between Hungary ( Dondi) ad India ( Kirti Tripathi) on skype.

Discussing innovations on the side of india

Discussing innovation plans on the side of Hungary

Dondi Gyöngyi Tothne Ban


I am a teacher in our local primary school in Balatonboglar, Hungary. I teach English and Art for small children. We like working with students from all over the world . Meet us :www.dondi.wikispaces.com

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School: Primary School Balatonboglar