Our Projects

Innovations - Week 1

We are 6th form primary students from Newlands School.

We started this project about Innovation defining the concept.

Then we analysed Innovations that we use everyday as well as innotavions that can save lives.

We read about Argentinians who had great ideas too!

Finally, we imagined what the world would be like in 2030.

See our work here!

Sustainable Cities

We watched a video to learn about sustainable cities

We carried out research to try to answer the following question:

How can cities become more sustainable in relation to each of these issues?

  • transport,
  • energy,
  • nature,
  • food,
  • waste.

Then, we thought about Adrogué, our city, and gave examples. We went around the city to discover how sustainable Adrogué is and what can be done to achieve greater goals.

Finally, in five groups we thought of innovative ways to make Adrogue more sustainable!

Daiana Martinez

Buenos Aires

I am a gaduate teacher of English from Instituto Pbro Dr Antonio María Saenz and Licenciada en Lengua Inglesa (BA degree from UTN). I work as a primary school teacher at Newlands School, secondary school teacher at Eccleston Lanús and Language and Culture III Tutor at Instituto Saenz. I have attended several courses: Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching Bilingual Learners (Distinction), Especialización Docente en Educación y Tics, currently doing the NILE MA in Professional Development for Language Education, University of Chichester, UK. I have developed technological projects which have been recognized. "Helping Hands" has been selected as one of the most innovative projects in 2013 by Macmillan and British Council (published in the magazine ICT in Action). "Green Helping hands" has reached the final stage at "Concurso Conectar Igualdad in the year 2011 (In Argentina). I have been awarded “Docente Innovador de mi ciudad” after the project “On videogames and biomes” in 2016 and obtained Latin American IATFL Scholarship (Birmingham 2016).

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Claudia Pugente

School: Colegio Newlands