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Thinking About Innovation - AISG HS EAL Block E

A few days ahead of the project launch, HS students were asked to informally answer this question on chart paper while walking through the hallways: "What challenges will China face in the next decade?" HS EAL Block E students then used the master list of answers, as well as information they had investigated on their own,  to frame a student-led discsussion.  One student stepped forward to moderate the discussion, which ended with all agreeing that they would like to focus their attention on air pollution.  After identifying  3 major sources of air pollution in China, they chose to divide into groups, with each group working on defining the source of the problem, as well as possible solutions to think about as we move forward.  The group moderator created a shared PowerPoint for students to document their ideas.

Seeking Solutions with SDGs American International School of Guangzhou HS EAL Block B

Students collaborated to identify which SDG is the most urgent for China.  Their discussion led to a consensus that SDGs 4 and 13 need to go hand-in-hand to make sure that communites are equipped with the knowledge they need in order to take climate action and secure China's environmental health.

Governments Need to Take the Lead AISG HS EAL Block E

After a short discussion, it was clear that this class believes governments need to take the lead in terms of enforcing regulations and increasing awareness surrounding environmental issues.  This is particularly urgent with regard to climate change.

Educate Before It's Too Late!

This video clip is a synthesis of the discussions thus far in HS EAL.  Their call to action? Educate, before it's too late!


AISG China HS EAL Block B
AISG China HS EAL Block E
AISG students decide the best way to explore innovation during Week 1!
AISG China HS EAL Block B finds inspiration from Nelson Mandela

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