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Brainstorming what innovation is.

This was a great lesson. Students worked in groups and discussed what innovation was. They came up with a list of inventions and then innovations that came from those inventions. One thing that stuck with me was that  one student said the Underground Railroad was innovative. WOW! That was impressive. Most students think about inventions and innovations today, not what was innovative in the past.

Mindy Bissett


I am a gifted and talented teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. This is my 8th year as a teacher and I love my job. This past summer I attended Honeywell Educator's at Space Academy and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  I am always looking for exciting new science training to be the best teacher I can be and ignite a passion for science in children. I volunteer once a week by operating a Space Club at a local Boy's and Girls Club. I am currenting working towards becoming a National Board Certified Teacher. As a hobby I grow orchids and love gardening.




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School: Seventh Street Elementary