Marie-Hélène Fasquel


Marie-Hélène Fasquel-Erhart is an English literature teacher at the OIB section of Nelson Mandela high school as well as an ICT and teacher trainer. She was awarded with the Innovation Prize at the UNESCO Forum in 2013 and the Barcelona Global Forum in March 2014. She has been a Microsoft Expert Educator and an eTwinning ambassador for several years. She is a 2017 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize.
Marie-Hélène has been a regular presenter at numerous colloquia and webinars. She has authored and co-authored six books, the next one to be published on August 24, 2017 (L’Elève au Coeur de sa réussite, Editions François Bourin).
She was a speaker at the 2017 Echappée Volée talks  a plenary speaker at the 36th TESOL France colloquium as well as a speaker at TEDxRennes on April 7, 2018.
She has published 8 books including a testimony about her career and a collection of short stories.

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