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What is Innovation?

First in the School I teach to all educators about the SDGs and involved them in the project with their students and can be part of this! 

Teachers and Students creating new innovation projects

In this week we met teachers to create a contest and motivate students to create an invention specifically with one goal and they have chosen the Goal 6, they have a lot of ideas to take care the water and they´ll show the best innovation in the contest 

Water Recycler

The students focus on Goal 6, creating a brainstorm to solve real problems we have with the misuse of water, concentrated on creating a prototype where the water that you waste in the shower can be reused in the toilet, based on the Goal 17 we make an alliance with the Guatemalan Inventor Melquiades Aparicio who is willing to support our project by creating the water recycler, and in the next week the students will use the ICT to make a presentation of how to use this invention.

Week 3 Tutorials

The students started using ICT tools and create a tutorial how to use their favorite tool deeper into the SDG 6 and 17

Tutorial made by the students

In This week the students created a tutorial about how they use their favorite tool and they will explain how to use the Water Recycler, supporting Goal 6 and giving a clear example about the goal 17  

The importance to save water

This water recycler support goal 6 and confirm that the good alliances are good like the Goal 17 said, just for can´t have a better world without water.


Educators working with the Innovation Project
Week #1 Guatemala
Innovating in Guatemala
Week 2
Week 2 Guatemala
Favorite Tool Minecraft Education
We take Action!
Students´ tutorials
Ending the project!

Miriam Lucrecia Higueros Aldana


English teacher as a second language,  I always try to keep the students motivate and involve them in topics that can help our world like the 17SDGs. I have students since 3 years to 12

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