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Innovation: Imagine the future and fill in the gaps

Because innovation is the intersection between what's desirable for the students and what's possible with technology, I have a brainstorming session in which we discuss the meaning of innovation, some examples and how it can end poverty. Then we try to concretize our thoughts through powerpoint files and creating an illustrative poster as well

SDG &Sustainability

**We will focus on SDG & Sustainability 
** Which innovations are making the world more innovative?

** My students focus on different SDGs through creating digital presentations

** They tried to find innovation which can be related to some SDGs

** They create a video in which they describe the world 2030 through their eyes

SDG and Technology

How are we using technology in an innovative way? Students create a tutorial explaining how this tool can be used.  

Skype call and taking action

we have shared our opinions about the innovation project with our friends from Canada. It was an amazing experience for my students to enhance their self development and to improve their digital skills while displaying their outputs to their new friends


Introducing the Innovation Project
Teaching SDG
Week1 (What's innovation)

Imen Taktak


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