Our Projects

Innovation Exploration

Students were given the task of exploring an innovation or invention of their choice.  During their research they were to discover information about the history/development of the innovation/invention, some benefits of it, unexpected side effects and where they predicted the innovation would go in the future.  After organizing their information they shared their findings with the class in a short presentation.  The creativity and diversity of the chosen innovations amongst groups was great!  The uploaded PowerPoint has a collection of some of their compiled ideas and information.

Innovation Ideas

For our first brainstorm about innovation students were allowed to pick an innovation of their choice.  They then explored the history/development of this innovation, the pros and cons, unexpected impacts and where they see the innovation going in the future.  

There were many different types of innovations selected, from drinking straws to airplanes!  

Our Innovations!

Students were given the opportunity to work together or individually to create a new innovation.  We first had a discussion about the SDGs and the goals the UN has set for 2030.  Students then chose an SDG to focus on and developed a new innovation to change the world.  

A few are pre existing ideas, and others are brand new!  Have a look through and see what some of our ideas were to help make the world a better place =)


Heather Kruspe


I am a high school Geography teacher in Brantford Ontario. Through the study of Geography we study the concepts of environmentalism and sustainability. Personally I am passionate about the environment and how we, as people, can connect globally to create a positive change and impact on the world around us. Our creativity and ingenuity has created a lot of the problems we are facing, but I truly believe that these same qualities will be what will help to solve them as well. Educating, empowering and involving youth of today is an important step to brightening our future and preserving this beautiful earth that we call home.

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School: Brantford Collegiate Institute & VS