Our Projects

The different meanings of innovation

The students of one of the classes of the 10th grade were asked to reflect upon the meaning of innovation. They worked in groups for about 30 minutes and then they were recorded, giving their opinion.

Farm Share

Students did some reasearch at school to find interesting projects going on - they found Farm Share, which combines technology and SDGs.

Tutorial of the tool Tricider

We decided to show how the innovative tool Tricider works. Give it a try and you'll see the good results...

Skype meeting with Corneila Frai, from Stei, Romania

  We had previously scheduled to meet on Wednesday 16th but unfortunately the internet connection wasn't working well.  

Students still had the opportunity to ask and answer to some questions. They are now working on a video about their region and  they will send it over.

Fátima Maria Lopes da Cunha