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What is Innovation?

Innovation & SDGs

My student is talking about how innovation had a great impact on her country Egypt and what her invention with another partner will achieve some of SDGS. 

Also , wait for other students' inventions and prototypes next weeks. 

Innovative Prototype ( Girls & STEM )

Different Innovative Solutions of Students for Sustainable Environment


Innovation In Education . El Kafrawy Official Language School ,Damietta City ,Egypt
Inventing Machine for saving water, El Kafrawy Language School Damietta City Egypt

Rania El Sayed

Damietta City


I have been selected as #TeachSDGs Ambassador : http://www.teachsdgs.org/TeachSDGsAmbassadorsBios.html joining the movement of sharing and teaching SDGs through my project (The Way To Sustainable Environment ) https://education.microsoft.com/Story/Lesson?token=AEud5 and other Global projects as

1- ( LINK To the World ) by Maria Josè in July 2017

2- ( UN Assembly of SDG ) Zero Hunger by Flor Conforti in August 2017  .

3- ( Climate Action ) by Koen Timmers in October 2017.

4- ( Kakuma Project ) by Koen Timmers in Jan.2018

5-  ( Cultivate World Literacy ) by Tammy Dunbar & Julie  in Feb. 2018.

6-  ( SDGS Students Avengers) by Imen Tekaya Bouaziz in March 2018.

5- You can follow through this link on twitter:

http://bit.ly/2grOzUg  Or through this blog on TeachSDGs : http://bit.ly/2gjaZT

Also I'm Rania Ezzat is an EFL Head Teacher in El Kafrawy Language School in Damietta city in Egypt and I have been Certified and received awards from different countries in different areas as the following:

*** Certificates in Egypt and Kuwait countries: You can check here in this Sway : http://bit.ly/2DFA7xX

1-            Awarded from Ministry of Education as Microsoft Innovative Educator around Egypt in Jan.2017

2-            MIE Expert 2017-2018 and MIE Master Trainer

3-    Awarded Skype Master Teacher 2017-2018 all over Egypt for applying Skype in learning in the classroom for

        the first time.  http://bit.ly/2Df9FuG

4-  In September 2017 Selected to be United Nations # TeachSDGs Ambassador in Egypt in COHORT 1 -2017: http://www.teachsdgs.org/our-ambassadors.html 

5-  Awarded as Global Minecraft Mentor 2018 

6- In June 2017, I was named the Sway Award Winner for her lesson on desertification from Microsoft which can be viewedHERE: http://bit.ly/2xgOpGf

7- In November 2017 I and my students were awarded in Koen Timmers' global project Climate Action ) Certificate of Participation :http://www.climate-action.info/users/elsayed

Finally I have been awarded Certificate of Participation in Global Project ( CULTIVATE WORLD LITERACY )  in April 2018.

E-mail: ezatrania2@outlook.com

Skype ID: kindheart.

Skype For Business ID: rania.513953@t1.moe.edu.eg



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School: El-Kafrawy Official Language School