Our Projects

What is Climate Change?

Students spent a week exploring what climate change is. They watched videos, search for detailed informations about causes, effects, and possible solutions. At the end each would express what, how, who, why this is happening.

Skype in the Classroom Inspire Us

During this second week, students participated in different Skype sessions with guess speakers who talked with them about taking care of our environment. We visited The Wyoming State Museum, The Nile River, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and Make it Green (how to live in peace with our surroundings). This activities aimed to spark our creativity to create a propaganda poster. The objective is to reflect on how we can contribute on the road of Climate Change Action.

Propaganda Posters

During this week student put on their thinking caps applying what they learned about climate change action in order to create a poster propaganda using a chosen application where they conceptualized an idiom about nature.


  1. create a poster about promoting, contributing, and/or solving an environmental problem.
  2. use idioms to promote the message.
  3. reflect upon your creation.


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Students creations
Skype inspirations

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