Our Projects

What is Innovation

The first week we began by introducing ourselves. We shared our names, interesting facts, and what we like to do. We then began to explore the definition of innovation. We searched on our computers and came up with a list of words and sentences that connect to Innovation.  

Choosing Our SDG

The second week we had a conversation about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a group, we decided to choose two that are relevant and interesting to Israeli society. We chose number 6, clean water and sanitation and number 13, climate action. 

Solutions to the Problems

On week 3 we discussed the specific water scarcity in Israel and brainstormed possible solutions. We wanted to focus on solutions that could be implemented at our school. The best solution we came up with has to do with water waste at school. Our goal is to reuse unfinished water in water bottles by watering plants. We would also add a sticker to each students water bottle as a reminder to preserve and not waste.  For our second SDG, we came up with a solution to incorporate a reward system for students who recycle. For example, if a student recycles, he/she will get time on the computer.


week 1 what is innovation?

Bella Diei

Petach Tikva

My name is Bella and I am a science teacher at an elementary school in Petach Tikva called Netzach Israel. I am the technology coordinator at the school and I enjoy participating in many global projects with my students. I like to encourage them to learn in different ways and to be exposed to other people around the world and new things going on.

School: Netzach Israel