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SDGsGreenCampaign : End Plastic Pollution

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This year theme is “END PLASTIC POLLUTION”. SDGsForChildren is supporting the cause and take pledge to spread awareness about EarthDay among children.

We are starting the campaign #SDGsGreenCampaign and welcome students across globe to participate in the campaign.

#SDGsGreenCampaign includes four major components:

  • Participate in the online survey on how you can contribute to save earth.

  • Share your picture and any one thing which you think and pledge to #GiveUp to make the earth a better planet and make consumption of resources sustainable. It can be as small as giving up the use of straws or polythene.

  • Spread the awareness about Earth Day in the community through your Blog, Video or Pictures with us.

  • Share your activity or initiative which you are doing around Earth day in your community, Submit your entries to our Email ID : sdgsforchildren@gmail.com. The same would be showcased on our website.

“Earth Day is a day of responsibility to our planet, responsibility to the people who inhabit it, to the nature itself, of which we are a part.” - S.P. Kapitsa

Graphene. the wonder material to make salty sea water drinkable


Wonder Material GRAPHENE can make Sea Water drinkable. Scientists say it's a thinnest yet strongest material on Earth. It's upto 200 times stronger than steel. It is world's first 2- dimensional material. #CNN NEWS - Researchers in the United Kingdom have developed a graphene-based sieve that can filter salt out of seawater, a development that could provide drinking water to millions of people around the globe. More #Startups should work into this direction and exploit the Wonder material for the benefit of Mankind.

#SDG6 : Clean Water and Sanitation

#SDG9: Innovation and Infrastructure

ICT Tool | CANVA | WonderAnanya | Ahlcon International School

Presenting the eLearning for CANVA - The ICT Tool prepared by our youngest 10 year old  student Ananya Chopra #WonderAnanya 

  • It can be used to easily create beautiful designs + documents.
  • Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics.
  • Design presentations, social media graphics,and more with thousands of beautiful layouts.
  • It has everything youneed for amazing design.

Canva is used and loved by millionsof people around the globe.

The best way to understand Canva is to try it!

Try your hand at CANVA by clicking here - http://www.canva.com 

Good Luck !


Ayush Chopra - Ahlcon International School

Ayush Chopra

Wizard Ayush

Hi, I am an ORDINARY boy with an EXTRAORDINARY desire to work for the promotion and protection of human rights, without which the world cannot achieve sustainable development. I have founded a  community @SDGsForChildren. Many schools and children globally are now part of this community. As a Student activist I advocate UN Global Goals and have been appointed as #TeachSDGs Ambassador. I have represented India at the United Nations, Head Quarters as the Indian Youth Delegate for ‘Youth For Human Rights International Summit’ in 2017. I am a proud Student of Ahlcon International School, India. 


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