Our Projects

Shokhin -

Shokhin is a student at the International School of Beijing and he is attempting to make a perpetual motion electricity generator on his own.  He believes that the harnessing of sustainable energy is one the best ways to save the world's natural resources and live sustainably in the future. 

Loup and Tom - Solar and Aquaponics Self-sustaining Food Growing Model

Loup and Tom are prototyping a self-sustaining solar and aquaponic food growing system.  They are passionate about changing the way that we currently grow food, especially because of the detrimental effects of industrialized single crop farming on the environment, and are proposing a more sustainable model to help feed our growing population. 

Aaron Moniz


I am a facilitator and grade 7 leader at an integrated project-based learning center at the International School of Beijing, called Futures Academy. I am also one of the founders of global competency-based educational consulting group, Inspire Citizens (www.inspirecitizens.org).  I strongly believe that teaching through the PISA competency model, the SDGs, and developing social action projects in education is key in our society's sustainable future.

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School: The International School of Beijing