Veronica Mondragon


Hello, My name is Veronica Mondragon and I teach 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies in Lake Elsinore, California (Southern California area). I have been teaching for 11 years. I was district teacher of the year in 2016 and became Riverside County Teacher of the Year in 2017. I believe the learning process should be engaging for all students. Therefore, it is essential for hands-on and applicable activities. Everything that I teach I try to make relevant to students' lives. I reflect daily on what I do, and I try to put myself in the chair of the students-asking myself, why does this matter? How is this relevant to me? It is my mission to show students that what I teach goes beyond the classroom and affects their everyday lives. By making these classroom-to-world connections, students will become global thinkers and problem solvers ready for the twenty first century. In addition, teaching strategies and organization are my top priorities. By learning strategies, such as note-taking and how to keep binders organized, students will not only be successful in my class, but in every subject and aspect of their personal lives. Last but certainly not least, each of my student’s wellbeing is my number one concern. In order for my students to be academically successful, I understand that their social and emotional needs must also be met. I strive at providing a safe and secure learning environment where students can feel free to be themselves.

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School: Canyon Lake Middle School