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Alberto Iria's Newspaper

Students made some research and wrote some article for a school Newspaper that was published on the School's Library Blog.

These articles are about  their refletions on What is Innovation and tackle some pretty pertinent issues such as :

-Is Technology Taking Over Your Life?

-Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

-Robots vs Humans

-Innovation is an Ethical Issue

 And also tried to forcast

-The world in 2030

-The schools of the future

-Future Society


Ted Talk

Students simulate a debate in Ted Talk about the Pros and Cons of Innovations created by man and its major impacts on Humankind's quality of life.

On the one hand its greatest achievements, on the other hand its biggest crisis.

Advantages and Disadvantages of living in an Innovation Society

The big question is :

Is the Innovation Society Sustainable?



Week 1- Innovation Concept: Benefits and Drawbacks

Manuela Valentim


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I am a Teach SDGs Ambassador, Skpe Master Teacher and MIEE.

We are an ASPNet School and an Eco-School. I am the current coordinator of UNESCO's Projects at my school.

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