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Innovation Project - Week -1

A group of grade 7 students of Amity International School Noida India are participating in  The Innovation Project.

During first  week students  have researched about Innovation and found out few imortant innovations affecting their lives , they have explianed their understanding of innovation through  a poem .

Our students pledged for Clean Water Goal and would be working on problems associated with it in our country and will provide innovative solution to it.

Amity International School NOIDA, INDIA Week-2 Submission

Students of class 7 have pledged for SDG goal 6 Clean Water and presented  various innovative ideas and designs to solve the problem .


The Innovation Project - AIS NOIDA , INDIA

Kirti Tripathi

Uttar Pradesh

Passionate educator , teacher trainer and curriculum developer. I love to adopt new ways of teaching learning to bring life in my class.

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School: Amity International School Noida, UP