Our Projects

Setting Stage for Innovation

  1. End Plastic Pollution

As this year theme for Earth day celebrations is to put an End to plastic Pollution my students thought of innovative ideas to Recyle plastic and to refuse single use plastic. They came up with wonderful presentations to showcase in school assembly.

2. Understanding the plastic you use

End plastic Pollution 

You can only innovate if you understand the plastics around you.Knowledge is important ,awareness is essential and then innovation will bring the use of plastics down

what does innovation Mean to my students

To understand the meaning of innovation we glanced through the work of great innovators and then peeped through some innovations that changed the world.

Innovative App

My students brainstormed the ideas for recycling of plastics and finally they came up with innovative app.We believe that mobile app can help in reducing the consumption of plastics used by our society which is responsible for spoiling our environment. The app will be associated with mobile payments and commerce app similar to Paytm or Mobikwik. The App will contain the knowledge of various kinds of plastics we are using on every day basis.The app will help in availing the recycle points whenever we will put plastic to recycle in a recycling machine. The recycling machine will generate a code which can be scanned on the app. The code shall then add the recycle points in our account. On the basis of which we will avail the cash prizes through the payment app. The app can be linked to Aadhar. On the basis of the total number of points received, a person will be entitled to get benefits offered for them by various government schemes to contribute in preserving the environment.  

Screen Cast of ICT tool

My students love working on different ICT tools.They have been using a wide variety of tools ranging from Powerpoint Presentations to Sway to present their ideas and innovative solutions to the problems.For week 3 they present the screencast of CANVA - A Powerful tool to make presentations and Posters .

Collaboration Week

This was a great week as we shared about the environment and best Practices followed in India and Ukraine.


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Talking to the community members
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