Our Projects

Week 1

Technically, we were on spring break week #1, so students jumped on the topic before we headed out! I introduced it as a Flipgrid topic because we had spent time doing SDG work to do with specific countries and it was an easy connection. Students paired up to discuss the topic and record initial thoughts. There were too many to put in the shared video, but all the videos are here: https://flipgrid.com/89905b.  You will note that students referred to their country project because they had just researched a country and found areas where they were doing well with specific SDGs and may be addressing others. 

Laura Krenicki

Laura Krenicki, WJJMS

6th-grade social studies teacher at William J. Johnston Middle School in Colchester, Connecticut, USA. I strive to help students demonstrate global competency by recognizing perspectives, investigating the world, generating intercultural communication, and taking informed action on global issues.

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