Our Projects

Week 1 - What is innovation?

This week my students got to know the SDG's.

They had to think about innovation and what a good declaration of innovation was.

Together with the students, my student Marek made a video of the first week.

They are looking forward to the next few weeks, and especially to the last week, when they are going to meet other students from around the world! 


Week 2 - The inventions

This week my students got to present their invention.

With the help off the app Chroma Key Studio (it was our first time and first experiment) we got to create video's with some nice backgrounds.
The test was partially succesfull. Some of the video's were corrupt but the ones we had we used. My student compiled in the video. 

Marek made a video for this week. Thanks Marek!

Week 4 - Skype with another country!

The last week was the favorite one!

My students only had 1 condition! I had to find a non-European school to skype with!
And with the help of Twitter I got in contact with Allison a teacher from Canada.

My students loved the experience and to talk about the diffrent subjects!
What a lovely experience it was! 

https://www.instagram.com/timminshigheng4u/ ==> The instagram the students of Canada made for us! Thanks! 

Davy Temmerman


The subject is perfect for my 5th grade student who are in 'Informaticabeheer' so learning to become the next ICT'ers in the world! 

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