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Innovation and the World in 2030

Innovation depends on the way we use it. 

Students worked on the meaning of innovation and how they see the world in 2030. 

Innovations that are making the World Better

A Sway presentation :

  • Students prsenating some examples of innovations
  • Goal 4: Their presenattion about Goal 4: Quality Education
  • A song created by them to celebrate the SDGs
  • Their innovations 

Week 4: Skype Call

A skype call between schools. We had the chance to have one with a Belgium partner. Though it was short, due to bad internet connection, but the students managed to talk for a while and exchange some ideas. The expererience was very interesting and highly encouraging for future work and collaboration. 


Week 1:Innovation
Week 4: Skype Call
Week 4: Skype Call
Week 4: Skype Call

Anissa Ben Abdallah Ayari


I’m Anissa Ben Abdallah Ayari , born and raised in Tunisia. I’m an EFL teacher in a Middle school in one of the Southern suburbs of Tunis, the capital city. I’ve been teaching English to young learners (aged between 12 and 15) for more than 17 years now. I’m keen on learning for the sake of a better teaching learning atmosphere. I’m a strong believer in the power of global connection when put in the hands of learning. A mother of twins and a lover of music and travelling.

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School: Mongi Slim, Sidi Rzig middle school.