Our Projects

Week 1 Innovation Project

Students were asked to answer the question "What is innovation?" Some students philosophized, some looked for examples, and others built innovations.

SDG 14 Innovation "Make- a Thon"

12th grade students in government class chose SDG 14 Life Under Water as their favorite goal.  They worked with materials in a mobile makerspace including little bits to quickly innovate a solution to SDG 14.  studnets grouped up and addressed the issues that were most important to them.  

Using Little Bits to Innovate

Our class loves using Little Bits to create and innovate for the Global Goals 


Exploring SDG 14

Andrea Relator


I am a teacher of Seniors (12th grade) in a diverse community in Virginia, close to Washington DC. As a TeachSDG Ambassador, I lead a Global Education PLC at my school (Global Education Think Tank @ Dominion High School) to help support teachers across the curriculum to teach the global goals. I also direct a leadership program for girls interested in global careers, Girls on the Map. and I am coordinating our district's performance assessments for grades 9-12.  

My students are investigating how governments create policies to solve problems. I want to engage them in a higher level of critical thinking and collaboration.  We have discussed the Sustainable Development Goals several times throughout the year and I look forward to see how my students will engage in the global goals thorugh the innovation project.  Becuase my students will graduate this year, we spend time talking about career opportunites for creating the "World We Want".  #SdgInnoPro #TeachSDG

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School: Dominion High School