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Innovation Project Week 2

After learning about Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace & Justice, a Law class in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada dives into seven sub-targets and shares their findings.

Ada McKim


Ada McKim is a high school teacher of Canadian Law and World Issues. During a sabbatical in 2017, she gave a TEDx Talk called, "Why Our Students Need to Learn More About the World." That year she also co-founded the Global Goals Educator Task Force. Its mission: to promote and support the use of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within schools, organizations, and education events. Now a global movement, this network of #TeachSDGS teachers has members from all continents and has partnered with multiple UN bodies and The WorldÕs Largest Lesson. In April, 2018, she presented at the Global Student Leadership Summit in London, Ontario. Her passion for global education stems from a 2010 class project that morphed into a fifty school network linking learners from North America and Uganda via Skype. Ada has three daughters aged 11 and identical 9s. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, going to the movies, and managing the @TeachSDGs Twitter account.

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School: Saint John High School