This was not an easy task for students. Invent something?  Innovate?  That's for creative people Mme!  Reminding students that innovation comes from any where through anything was a focus throughout week 2/3.  Our time was short, so no prototypes were created.  Instead, students were encouraged to dig deep into the SDGs that meant the most to them and to think of what they could collaboratively create that would make the world better for all.  I am proud that students took risks in sharing their learning in a way that meant something to them.  A few of the extra inventions/innovations are linked below. 

Shock - (as shared via Powtoon, a program a student discovered for this project and took a risk in using it).  Shock is connected to SDG 1 & 3 and is created to help those in need of shoes in all climates. 

Crisis  Boat Water Filter - SDG 6 & 14

Centre for this with no fixed address - an interesting look at how to better help those in need in our communities.   - SDG 12, 3, & 1 

They are all in French due to our language of instruction but hopefully our videos will be of some help! 


Bell HS