6. Faucet Buddy Tells You About Water

Faucet Buddy is a cool little chrome gadget you latch onto you existing sink fixtures. It tells you how hot or cold the water is so those morning surprises are no more. Of course, just like any real buddy it’ll tell you if you’re a water rat; wasting our natural precious resources.


7. Foot Pedal Faucet Controller


The Foot Pedal Faucet controller allows you to control a faucet hands-free. The devices are efficient and promise to reduce water consumption by as much as 50 percent. The design makes it easy to save water when you’re brushing your teeth of doing the dishes.


8. Waterpebble helps reduce shower time to conserve water


The Waterpebble by product designer Paul Priestman is a revolutionary device that can encourage individuals to reduce their shower time to conserve water. The intelligent device measures the amount of water going down the plug hole when you shower and memorizes it.

The first shower use is taken as a benchmark by the device after which it uses a series of “traffic lights” flashing gently from green to red whenever you finish showering. The device allows the user to fractionally reduce shower time to make sure that the device is always flashing green.


9. Twist Tap – Faucet Makes You Work For Water 

The tap is controlled by an aerator. To get water flowing you have to “twist” and crank it. Anytime people have to apply a little elbow grease to accomplish a task – they may think twice. That’s the whole point. Only use water when you REALLY need it. If that doesn’t destroy you water world dreams, there’s even a digital read-out. My favorite bit is the motion sensor that gives you just splash because sometimes that’s all you need.


10. Eco Bath 

Eco Factor: Water saving system mixes fresh water with gray water for toilet flushing.

“Eco Bath” system makes use of gray water but only after purifying it a bit, not by using the latest in UV purification, but simply mixing it with fresh water. The flush tank is connected to a freshwater source as well as a sink. When gray water enters the tank, it is mixed with the same amount of fresh water. This 50-50 consistency keeps your toilet drains unclogged and also ensures that 50% of fresh water is saved in the process.


11. EcoDual washing machine saves energy and recycles water 


The EcoDual is designed with two separate tanks, with a washing capacity of 6kg and 2kg respectively. For heavy washing, the user makes use of the larger tank and the smaller one is used for washing delicate clothes. The washing machine collects water in a tank located at the bottom part of the washer, which is then filtered and reused in subsequent washing cycles.

The EcoDual is also equipped with a deodorization system that can be used for foul smelling clothes. This system blows jets of oxygen and ozone in the clothes killing the germs that cause the bad smell. Thus you can take the bad smell out of your favorite shirt, and that too without water!


12. Eco Gadgets: Perfect Flush 

While manufacturers are now developing toilets that either save water or don’t use it at all, Brondell is working to develop means for homeowners to green their existing toilets by making them run on less water. The company has unveiled a new toilet upgrade dubbed Brondell Perfect Flush that comes with two buttons allowing the user to either use the full flush and empty the tank or use half flush to save up to 50% water


13. My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior 


Entitled “Spiky,” the curtain has a cousin that inflates to trap you inside your shower as sweaty punishment. Given the liability issues, the warrior shower curtains are not for sale, but serve to provoke thought on water-usage. Visitors can set a time and experience the shock of a shower with a conscience as it fills with air.


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