Loup and Tom - Solar and Aquaponics Self-sustaining Food Growing Model

Loup and Tom are prototyping a self-sustaining solar and aquaponic food growing system.  They are passionate about changing the way that we currently grow food, especially because of the detrimental effects of industrialized single crop farming on the environment, and are proposing a more sustain

Shokhin -

Shokhin is a student at the International School of Beijing and he is attempting to make a perpetual motion electricity generator on his own.  He believes that the harnessing of sustainable energy is one the best ways to save the world's natural resources and live sustainably in the future. 

Defeating global undeducation

This presentation from one of my groups was voted the best by the class. It involves challenging the problems facing global education and how to get everybody educated by 2030. This will involve everyone having access the internet.

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Weeks 2 & 3 Synthesizing and Sorting

During Week 2, students held both small-group and whole class discussions in which they examined which of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be given top priority.  Their synthesis of ideas included discussing the most pressing problems facing China within the context of our global c

Educate Before It's Too Late!

This video clip is a synthesis of the discussions thus far in HS EAL.  Their call to action? Educate, before it's too late!

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Tackling Hunger

Some students have formulated strategies in reducing world hunger.

Governments Need to Take the Lead AISG HS EAL Block E

After a short discussion, it was clear that this class believes governments need to take the lead in terms of enforcing regulations and increasing awareness surrounding environmental issues.  This is particularly urgent with regard to climate change.

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What is Innovation

The students created a green screen video to discuss what is innovation for them using one word. At the start of the activity, the students brainstormed and created a concept map about innovation. Then they chose one word to explain what is innovation.

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Day 2 Example of Innovations

Each group presented current innovations in China that they researched, the OFO Bike, WeChat pay and solar expressway. The students discussed the uses, benefits and drawbacks of these innovations.